Broken Spring

Garage Door Broken Spring: Why It is Important to Hire the Right Company

A spring is a vital component in a garage door. Since the garage door spring is a mechanical device it must be serviced regularly to make sure that the operation of the garage is safe. Garage door spring must be inspected after every twelve months this is part of door maintenance program. It is vital that you contact Westvalleycity garage door repair because we identify loose connections that will make your door not to function.

Repair of broken spring must be performed by an expert because handling the springs is dangerous. When you contact us the first thing that we do is to disconnect the power. A ladder will be used to gain a good perspective of torsion shaft. Then the experts will lift the garage door to make sure that the shaft will rotate smoothly. It is only a professional company that can do this work. It is a must for the springs to be stationary when the door is opened. If they are going to shift then the bolts that join the springs should be retightened.

As part of maintenance program the experts apply a lubricant to the wheels and shaft rollers. It is important for homeowners to know when garage door maintenance should be done. They should not try and fix a broken door spring themselves. Broken Spring repair in Westvalleycity Utah have techniques to make sure that your springs will function safely and reliable for so many years without any problem. Contact us and we will fix your broken garage door spring within a short time.